September 17 - October 22, 2011, ,
I won't leave you till I die

Basir Mahmood’s second solo at GREY NOISE.

Basir Mahmood’s second solo at GREY NOISE extends his previous enquiry into the aesthetics of documentary. This body of work was developed over the past one year, questioning the tangible and the ideological in a visual.

The two works on canvas ‘Islamic Lion’ and ‘The Goat’ on first sight seems deceptive yet on close encounter reveal the appliquéd surface. The technique mutates the visual and contradicts the religious iconic symbol (in the case of ‘Islamic Lion’). On the other hand ‘The Goat’ softens the de skinned hanging meat into an abstract attempt of linear drafting. These subversions allow complex ideologies escape into a much secular state of affairs and translate Mahmood’s concerns with precision.

‘We’ve been ruled by many’ and ‘Fruit for all, land belongs to no one’ broadens the enquiry on Ignorance, human conditioning and the politics of land.