July 4 - September 1, 2012
Grey Noise, Dubai

‘’ /curated by Umer Butt
Saira Ansari / Fahd Burki / Ayesha Jatoi / Nadia Khawaja / Basir Mahmood / Mehreen Murtaza / Michael John Whelan.

As a word of many connotations, Vacuum is vast and alludes to much more than a physical void – an area where ideas and objects float in a seemingly oblivious state to surrounding elements. It is a metaphor for an internal space in which happenings are detached from external stimuli.

The second exhibition at GREY NOISE Dubai showcases artists, both established and upcoming, who have found their practices in spheres that are not defined by their identity alone. The common thread that connects their vocabulary is the conceptual and formal parallel in construction of the image.

On view for the month of July and August, Vacuum will bring together a body of work that is immensely current but whose components are vastly dissimilar in their varied material and conceptual approaches towards aesthetics and art making.

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