Concrete Layers
November 16 - December 30, 2015
Grey Noise, Dubai 

Concrete Layers is composed of a series of site specific printed works on Negative PermaJet transfer film, a unique inkjet print on folded paper, as well as a large installation work in concrete demonstrating the artist’s continual interest in muting and or inventing objects and materials, so as to reawaken us to new possibilities of envisioning space. 

The installation insists on a return to our bodies, to the ground beneath our feet, to the room that houses us, but does so through the slipperiness of the image’s surface, that space of otherness within which we seek to catch a glimpse of ourselves, the same image surface reflecting the piles of numerous small concrete accropodes, playfully interrupting and making us re-think images as object. These concrete accropodes, famously designed to resist the action of waves on breakwaters and coastal structures, have been greatly reduced in size in order to fit their rock like and landscape appearance inside the gallery space. 

About the Artist

b. 1983, Beirut, Lebanon / Lives and works between London and Beirut

The work of Caline Aoun centers around strategies of dexterous material reorientation, shifting the viewer’s understanding of not only the ground underlying them, but many of the key constitutive elements of our surroundings – architectural facades, granular bits of pulp from which paper is processed, digital advertising space, even natural events in the landscape are playfully brought to a point of increase, of inversion, or suspension in rare modalities of measured, yet joyful experimentation.

Aoun graduated from Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, London, UK and attended a postgraduate program at Royal Academy School, London, UK before completing her Professional Doctorate in FA at University of East London, London, UK.

Her work has been recently exhibited at Frieze Art Fair | Focus, London, UK with Grey Noise / Dust, CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland / I spy with my little eye: An emerging generation of Beirut artists at Casa Árabe, Madrid, Spain and The Mosaic Rooms, London, UK / Art Basel - Statements, Basel, Switzerland with Grey Noise.

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