Sept 23 - Oct 28, 2017
Grey Noise Dubai

Sand is an exhibition featuring a group of selected works carrying autonomous languages yet reflecting the dialogue between the artists’ practices. The works showcased at the gallery are particular in their materiality, their conceptual discreteness and narrative dimension. Two motives occur throughout the exhibition. The properties of the works shown embody a sense of liquidity, a movement directed by gravity. At the same time there is the omnipresent yet faint motive of the mirror. The materials reflect their surroundings, other works literally mirror each other and despite the abstraction of what is present.

The artists declare, that the title itself, Sand, is the first work of the show. It exists only as a word made of four letters, setting a context and mood, it creates a first image, sets a scene. Sand is shaped by its environment, by wind and gravity, matter ground into minute particles. It also is the place where Fata Morganas occur.

A text describing a boy running towards the ocean draws an imaginary, sculptural line between a hotel lobby and a nearby beach. A second text repeats this gesture, seen through the eyes of his companion. A sculpture made of metal elements interconnects and expands physically on the gallery floor, repeating shapes, a language of matter. Small photographs depict a meteorite crater from different points of view, a circle in motion. Fragmental sculptures made of silver, frozen, like a winter’s waterfall. Cramer and Escoval’s fieldwork and slowly crafted works gather and enable transformation, conduction and participation of subjects and substances in the visual world.


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