Charbel-Joseph H. Boutros


Night Cartography 3

Airplane’s sleeping masks, votive candle’s wax, dreams
Wax from votive candles (stolen from a church situated in the Lebanese mountains), is poured on airplane’s sleeping masks, used by the artist for sleeping during several months.
Several masks were produced.


Night Cartography 2
Views of the installation
Each time the starts to fall on Beirut the lights of the exhibition will be turned off for 3 minutes
Blanket, dreams, fire
Variable dimensions
In his night cartographies, the artist uses a blanket for one night (to cover himself with), which he then burns in a slow and delicate manner, transforming it into a round-shaped territory, or a hole to capture dreams. Suspended from the ceiling, the burnt pieces, imprinted with memories of the night, and forged with fire, speak about the power of both fire and dreams to transform and transcend reality.


No Light In White Light, Night Cartography, Night of the 05/10/2016
Black spray on paper
50 x 70 cm each
The time slept by the artist is erased using a black spray from the white day, each night produces a new drawing. Several nights since 2011 have been archived.


No Light In White Light
11 mins.
A Syriac priest, starts reading the genesis, in Aramaic -a dead language- few minutes before day fall, in a forest situated in Mount Lebanon.
With the light getting dimmer, the reading becomes more and more difficult, the priest stops reading the text, when the Aramaic words, totally fade in the night.


A removed stone
2013 - 2018
Stone, carpet, projected text, forest, faith
I removed a stone from the forest.
A forest where we used to play when we where young.
The exact original position of the stone has been documented.
I carried the stone with me, here, to the exhibition space.The stone will stay here witnessing. When the exhibition is finished, I will take the stone back to its original place, put it meticulously in the exact position where it used to be, as if nothing has changed, or as if something has slightly changed.


Drink Europa
2012 - 2013
Glass of water, water: an equal mix of 28 mineral waters, from the 28 European countries, wooden shelf
A glass is filled with water composed of equal quantities of mixed mineral waters (the most popular mineral water bottle is chosen from each country, Evian from France, San Benedetto from Italy, Loutraki from Greece,
Bar-Le-Duc from Netherlands, Selters from Germany, Spa from Belgium...) from the 28 European countries. Drinking this water is drinking 28 geographies, it is drinking Europe.


Three white shirts, metallic structure, time
Dimensions variable
Photos Aurelien Mole
In ‘Three abstractions on three histories’ 3 shirts, apparently similar, hang high from the ground. They seem to belong to the same person, but in reality one belonged to the artist’s grandfather, the second to his father and the third to the artist. Each refers to a time, and contains a part of the Lebanese history.