Joana Escoval - Biography


b. 1982 Lisbon, Portugal / Lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal

Joana Escoval's delicate sculptures are made out of gold, silver or copper, chemical components which produce matter and existence that both human bodies and everyday objects share. These natural elements are not randomly selected, as she searches for the origin and purpose of the object, how boundaries between nature and culture intertwining or/and efface. They produce matter and therefore existence. It’s this primordial matter that both living and non-living beings share. Consequently, the unity between the object and the subject, between the real and the spiritual is the main idea in Escoval’s work. She examines how everything is entangled and connected. This is the reason why Escoval’s sculptures can not only be perceived as appearances in their raw, authentic state but as dissolution of matter. When the artist melts the metals and allows them to take the form and the aura of people and space that surround them turning them into conducts of energy, tools for keeping away the bad energy and absorbing the good one.

A selection of exhibitions and projects include Fiorucci Art Trust, London / The sun lovers, Tenderpixel, London / Fiducia Incorreggibile, Galeria Vera Cortês, Lisbon, Portugal / Transmissions from the Etherspace, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain / Current Detours, HalfHouse, Barcelona, Spain / I will go where I don't belong / Volcano Extravaganza, Forucci Art Trust, Stromboli, Italy / I forgot to go to school yesterday, Kunsthalle Lissabon and Kunsthalle Tropical, Iceland / Lichens Never Lie, La Criée Centre for Contemporary Art, Rennes, France / Matter Fictions, Museu Coleção Berardo, Lisbon, Portugal / The lynx knows no boundaries, Fondation d' ́entreprise Ricard, Paris, France / Europe, Europe, Astrup Fearnley Museet, Oslo, Norway.

She won the BES Revelação Prize in 2012 (Serralves Museum) and was nominated for the EDP Foundation New Artists Prize in 2015, in Portugal. Escoval has received a fellowship from Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and FLAD Foundation in 2013. Among other residencies attention is drawn to Fiorucci Art Trust Residency in Stromboli in 2015, and RU, in New York in 2013/14. She has recently published two flexi-discs with Atlas Projectos and Palmário Recordings.


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